COVID-19 Information

In the wake of global COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely your next dental appointment will look and feel a little different as new safety protocols are implemented. We are taking precautions to keep everyone safe and protected from possible exposure to COVID-19 during appointments, surgeries, and procedures at our office. We are confident we can provide safe, essential care. The wellbeing of our patients, visitors, and staff remains our top priority.

Below is a list of measures that we have taken to allow our patients to receive dental care safely amidst COVID-19. Dentistry is essential health care, so if you have questions regarding our office’s safety, please give us a call and ask about our safety measures to ensure your comfort in returning.

Face Coverings

All patients and visitors age 6 or over are asked to wear face coverings in non-clinical settings when they visit our office.

Restricted Visitor Policy

To help reduce the unnecessary exposure to COVID, we ask adult patients not to bring any companies/visitors with them into the clinic. We allow one adult company for patients with disabilities and for patients who are under 18.

Personal Protective Equipment

Your clinical team is outfitted with the highest level of PPE including a KN95 mask, glasses, face shield, gloves, head covering, and a nursing gown. We promise, we’re still the same smiling faces behind all this gear!


A temperature check is completed before any patient comes into our office, followed by completion of a COVID-19 screening form. Our team also has their temperature tested daily, we’re in it with you!


We’ve lengthened our appointments and staggered start times to minimize traffic in our office and limit the number of people you come in contact with. You can also expect to be kept separate in our waiting space and use one-way check-in & check-out line.


We have each patient rinse for 30 seconds with mouthwash. This rinse is important as it reduces the viral load in your saliva, which minimizes potentially unhealthy aerosolized droplets in the air of treatment rooms.

Air Filtration

With the previously mentioned precautions, there should be minimal unwanted droplets in the air. However, you’ll also find multiple medical grade air filters with a rating of HEPA-13 to help clean and purify, ensuring clean air for each patient.

General Cleaning

While we always clean surfaces thoroughly and to OSHA standards, we’ve ensured all waiting room surfaces, door handles and any high traffic areas are sanitized multiple times throughout the day. Automatic hand sanitizer stations are placed in the lobby for your convenience. Patient file clip boards, pens and any other office supplies are wiped down regularly with Cavicide.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to maintain your regular cleanings, and that prevention is key for your gum and overall tooth health. There is a way to receive dental care safely, now is not the time to put off treatment that could cause dental emergencies down the road!

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